Pianist Andrus Rannaääre has been involved with music most of his life.


He gained his education as the pianist form Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He has experience with different music styles and compositions.

Andrus Rannaääre performs as a concert artist, performing his original music as well as a background musician, performing a broad repertoire, ranging from classics to jazz and pop music.


Andrus writes about his musical creation: 

"In 2010 I got interested in spiritual music that touches and heals people. I started trying and creating music that comes through me directly from the source of the inspiration. I like it when music is not pushed into frames and I have the chance to create it on spot. Through music, I am able to express my feelings of state of mind, which is not expressible through words."


Music is a universal language – everyone understands it without words. I share it with other people which gives me internal joy and peace."