Estica is a quintet consisting of young female brass instrument players. There are members of Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces playing in Estica.

They have been playing together since 2010, giving several public concerts every year.


The five different brass instruments make a very festive combination. The flute is virtuosic and shiny, the oboe and the clarinet with exciting timbre, the bassoon and the French horn add power and beautiful sound.


There are pieces from composers from all over the world in Estica’s repertoire, ranging from beautiful classical music to newer spirited compositions. Estonian music is rich in exciting pieces created for brass quintets, some of them have been specially created for Estica.


Members of Estica perform also as a trio of flute, oboe and clarinet. The sound of the trio is especially beaming, since it brings together the instruments with the highest tone within the quintet.