JAS Quartet is a chic and stylish 4-membered dance band consisting of professional musicians. Band members have long-term stage experience in Estonia as well as elsewhere.


Band’s repertoire ranges from jazz standards to contemporary pop music arrangements. One can expect to dance and rock but also hear beautiful ballads. The band sings in Estonian as well as in English.


They had their TV debut in 2017 when they provided musical interludes in Estonian National Television show “Year’s shiniest stars”. It was shown in December and was to conclude the year; the band appeared with 6 songs. Even though the show preferred slightly slower style, they also perform disco and dance songs.


You can find some examples here:https://arhiiv.err.ee/vaata/aasta-saravaimad-tahed-240901/latest

11:22 Kui mind kutsud sa. Sergei Pedersen

37.10 Kes sind on näinud. Laura Junson

1:02.10 Kus kulgeb kuu. Mihkel Raud

1:27.10 The Way you make me feel (M.Jackson cover)

1: 51.07 Kaks kuukiirt. Aarne Oit

2:04.25 What A Wonderful world