Add effect and mystery to your party with the fantastic Olavi Laurimaa’s Fire Show!


Olavi Laurimaa’s Fire Show offers 2 excellent professional fire show programs for our party.

In internal conditions

The masterly handling of fire contains a combination of torches and LED-buoys. Choreography comprises the movements, inspired by ancient rituals and mystics. The show can end with the appearing of your company’s logo, picture or name of the person whose birthday is being celebrated.


Length of the show: 5 minutes


Safety conditions for the indoor performance – minimal space 3x5 meters, ceiling height 3 meters.


In outdoor conditions


In outdoor conditions, the show contains:

- fire-eating

- moving with different devices

- fire-blowing


The fire show can be turned even more effective by adding fountains and a spectacular sparkle cloud to the end of the show.


Length of the show: 8 minutes


Safety conditions for the outdoor performance – space for the performance should be 10 x 6 m minimum. In case pyrotechnics is used, then there can be no easily flammable materials in the range of 20 m.