SIIM RIKKER is with no doubt one of the coolest and most virtuosic concertina players!


Siim started taking up music in early school years, studying flute. He found folk music also while still being at school, that is also when he made his first instrument, namely a zither with 7 strings, being instructed by Indrek Roosi.

Later Siim has taught zither and concertina at children’s music camps.


Siim started playing concertina being self-taught in 1998. Later he continued his studies in folk music at Viljandi Culture Academy of the University of Tartu


At 2000, he created an ensemble Tuulelõõtsutajad together with his friends, a composition still active.


Siim Rikker has won prises at music competitions. He is thankful to the following people for forming his understanding of playing music: Priidu Korberg, Johannes Madissaar, Hans Hiiet, Leho Laaser, Tarmo Tartu, Heino Tartes and Asso Int.

Siim Rikker performs alone as well as with companions.


Length of the program up to 90 minutes.