The Fragments is a party band, consisting of 6-7 young talented professional musicians.


The repertoire is broad – there is nostalgic dance music ​(The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder) as well as contemporary popular music. Of course, it is also possible to request Estonian versions of those songs.


​The band is willing to learn requested songs by clients and perform them.

Band consist of the following musicians:

Vivi Maar (vocal)

*Viveli Maar (vocal)

Kirke Karja (keyboards)

Martti Laas (bass guitar)

Kalle Pilli (guitar)

Indrek Varend (saxophone)

Ott Adamson (drums) 

*7-in case of 7 members there are two lead singers. 

Band’s lead singer Vivi Maar rose to the Estonian music sky in “Estonian Song” competition in 2018, performing with her twin sister Viveli Maar in an ensemble “Girls with Pearls”.